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French corporation has “strong faith in Serbia”

The Vinci Airports CEO says the company, that on Thursday became the concessioner of Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport, “strongly believes in Serbia.”

Nicolas Notebaert also stressed that Vinci believes in the success of the concession, and announced the company would hire more workers.

“We have the know-how that we will apply here in order to create new jobs and attract new investments. If there is more business it will be good for the city of Belgrade and for the concession itself,” he said, replying to journalist.

According to Notebaert, Belgrade’s international airport has the capacity for further development that is envisaged by the concession, while the main driver is the growing number of passengers.

He stressed that it is also significant that Serbia is receiving an increasing number of tourists, and that all this, along with the development of transportation, represents “a win-win situation.”

“That’s why we made the best bid – because we strongly believe in Serbia,” he said.

Notebaert stressed that the company will invest money in the airport and that the emphasis will be on quality and favorable prices, “that Vinci is known for.”

The Vinci CEO also said that he would work on launching new connections between Belgrade and other destinations.

The 25-year concession contract signed on Thursday between the company and the Serbian government is worth a total of EUR 1.46 billion.

Source; B92