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“German carmaking giant to make big investment in Serbia”

There will be large-scale new employment in central Serbia, President Aleksandar Vucic has told Happy TV.

Vucic in this way commented on his previous statement, when he announced the arrival of a big German investor to Serbia.

Asked to reveal more details, Vuci said he could “neither confirm nor deny it.”

“I can only say there will be large-scale employment in central Serbia,” he said.

Asked whether 10,000 new jobs will be created, Vucic replied, “not quite 10,000 – but not much less either.”

The announcement that a German carmaking giant would invest in Serbia has become major news in the region, accompanied by guesswork on social networks and in the media about which Serbian town might “hit the jackpot.”

Vucic previously said that he “cannot talk about it, because that’s what’s been agreed with the investor” – and that he would be happy to announce the news “once everything is completely clear.”

The president also described the company, which he would not name, as “the salvation for the whole region, that will represent the future.”

Source; B92