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Germans interested in Djerdap 3 – Construction of new hydroelectric power plant on the Danube may start in two years

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If the feasibility study analyses for Djerdap 3 reversible hydroelectric power plant confirm the previous results, construction of the world’s largest facility of the kind, with the power of 2,400 MW, may start upstream from Djerdap 1 hydroelectric power plant.

– In the best case scenario, the construction of Djerdap 3 hydroelectric power plant may start in two or three years. It is a huge project, of which estimated value is nearly 6 billion euros! – said Dragan Stanković, the Director of Djerdap business organization.

The interlocutor of daily paper Novosti underlines that the construction of Djerdap 3 should be a regional project and reveals:

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– German RWE, one of the largest energy giants in Europe, is interested in the construction of this reversible power plant.

Previous analyses have showed that the installed power of Djerdap 3 hydroelectric power plant would amount to 2,400 MW, which is 34% of the current capacities of the EPS!

Djerdap 3 hydroelectric power plant would be annually producing about 7.6 billion kWh of electric energy, exclusively by night, when there are no buyers at adequate prices and when the electricity consumption is low. That energy would also be used for returning water to a reversible lake so that its power would be used again for the production of electricity in the periods when the price is the highest.

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