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Germany’s Leoni opens new plant in Prokuplje

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The company Leoni, which produces automobile cables, has opened a new 7,000-square-meter production plant in Prokuplje and plans to hire about 700 new workers by the end of this year.

This company, part of German company that is among the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive industry, exported about USD 20.1 million worth of goods to the western market in 2010.

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Leoni, which operates in the municipality of Prokuplje for less than two years, usually exports it’s products to the markets of France, Italy and Russia.

The results of the analysis of operations, performed by economists from the Nis Chamber of Commerce, show that the Prokuplje-based company Leoni ranks second on the list of 446 most successful companies in regions Toplica, Nisava and Pirot, right behind Pirot-based Tigar.

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