Government extended the temporary ban on the export of Euro diesel

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On Thursday, the Government of Serbia adopted an amended decision on the temporary ban on the export of Euro diesel EN 590, extending it from seven to 14 days, with the aim of preventing the shortage of this oil derivative, caused by the global disruption in the market.

The government also amended the decision on the price limit of basic foodstuffs, in the part related to the price of pork, as well as the margin limit for the sale of chicken meat.

It has been possible to reduce the price compared to the average prices in stores, namely pork shoulder for 173 dinars per kilogram, pork neck for 218 dinars per kilogram and pork loin for 150 dinars per kilogram, while at the same time it will be possible to level the price of pork leg, it is stated. in a government announcement.

The Government of Serbia also made a decision to limit the amount of the margin when selling chicken meat to a maximum of 10 percent.

At the session, a decision was made on the temporary cancellation of visas for citizens of Egypt to enter Serbia, because an increased number of tourist visits by citizens of this country, as well as potential investors, is expected, and in order to create a more favorable business environment and improve bilateral relations, it was announced from Governments.

The decision is unilateral in nature and after its entry into force Egyptian citizens, holders of ordinary passports, will be able to enter, transit and stay in the territory of Serbia for up to 30 days in the period from July 30 to September 30 this year.

The decision is applied on the condition that they are traveling as part of an organized tourist group and that they have a confirmation of the paid tourist arrangement, proof of an assured return to the country of origin and an invitation letter from the travel agency from Serbia that organizes the trip, Biznis reports.