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Greece will consider abolishing roaming for Serbian tourists

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Regarding the request of the Serbian side to abolish roaming for Serbian tourists in Greece, we will do our best to influence operators to abolish roaming or reduce tariffs, said Greek Minister of Tourism Vasilis Kikilias today, after a meeting with Serbian Minister of Tourism and Telecommunications Tatjana Matic.

He announced that a meeting of Serbian tourist organizations with Greek operators would be held in the first week of June, at which they would discuss how to overcome the consequences of last year’s crisis.

Minister Matić and Minister of Tourism of Greece Vasilis Kikilias discussed the improvement of cooperation between the two countries in the field of tourism and the upcoming tourist season.

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Matic said it had been agreed that both countries would help the private sector and travel agencies solve pandemic problems. She said that the unresolved situations refer to unrealized replacement trips and seized money of Serbian tour operators in Greece, adding that they also discussed the improvement of promotional activities of the two countries.

As for Serbia, as she explained, it refers to the improvement of activities related to spa and mountain tourism, the extension of the season to the whole year and the strengthening of Serbia’s promotional activities in Greece.

“We stated that the opening of the office of the Tourist Organization of Serbia in Athens would help promote our tourism in Greece,” Matic said.

Kikilias pointed out that Serbia and Greece are connected by unique ties and that it was agreed with the Serbian side today that they will work on creating new good opportunities for both countries.

According to his assessment, the opening of the office of the Tourist Organization of Serbia in Athens will help support the private sector and that people from Greece can come to Serbia, Danas reports.
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