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Half of consumers in Serbia spend more than 3,000 dinars per month on digital services - Serbia Business

Half of consumers in Serbia spend more than 3,000 dinars per month on digital services

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In the latest survey of digital habits, almost half of respondents from Serbia say that they spend more than 3,000 dinars per month on applications or virtual platforms, and every other respondent uses online services several times a day.

Four out of 10 respondents believe that their daily routine has become more digital after the pandemic, while for almost a third of them it is mostly digital (28 percent).

According to Visa’s “New Digital Habits” survey, a quarter of respondents say that entertainment has become the most digital for them due to the large amount of time spent on various streaming platforms.

Almost half of the survey participants highlighted speed as the most important factor when deciding to use virtual services, followed by simplicity with 29 percent, availability with 20 percent and finally security with five percent.

The results show that consumers today are ready to give priority to personal well-being and free time instead of doing everything ‘on foot’, because when asked which part of their life would be significantly improved with greater use of applications and online platforms, four out of 10 respondents opted for services public administration.

As for the future, more than a third of respondents believe that their digital habits will increase in the field of finance, followed by shopping at 31 percent, and business at 23 percent, while only one in 10 respondents expects greater digitalization in the sphere of transportation and health.

When it comes to large platforms, every second respondent most often uses electronic banking and digital payments, in second place are applications for ordering and delivering food, then streaming platforms, while only eight percent use applications for taxi transportation.

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