Has the consolidation been completed and what awaits the financial market

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“Banking sector – is the consolidation completed” is one of the panels that gave an answer at the Kopaonik Business Forum to the question of the direction in which the financial market in Serbia will continue.

The panel was moderated by Jelena Galić, President of the Executive Board of AIK Bank, and the consolidation of banks was discussed by Predrag Milenović from Intesa Bank, Predrag Mihajlović, President of OTP Bank, Blaž Brodnjak, General Manager of NLB Group, Milan Vićentić, Member of Eurobank and Nikola Vuletić, President EB Unicredit Bank.

– Consolidation is an important part of the process. When we say that the top 10 banks in Serbia generate 90 percent of profits, then the need and the path of consolidation is clear – said Predrag Mihajlović, President of the Board of Directors of OTP Bank.

– When we talk about consolidation, it is not only small players who are potential targets, but also big players. The Serbian banking market is highly fragmented. In the end, after five years, Serbia will have ten to 12 banks, and Slovenia six – said Blaž Brodnjak, Blic reports.