How much oil has become cheaper in the world since last Friday and what it means for Serbia

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The price of a barrel of “Brent” type oil, which is followed by the prices in Serbia, has dropped on the world stock exchanges from 111 dollars since last Friday to 108 dollars this morning, which is a reduction of a modest three percent.

Since retail fuel prices at domestic gas stations are following the movements of “black gold” on the global market, this is the main signal to drivers that they can expect a slight reduction in Eurodiesel and petrol premium premium BMB 95 from tomorrow at domestic gas stations, provided that by then drastically do not change the trend of world stock markets.

The exact amount of the new prices of these fuels will be known tomorrow by 3 pm, when the Ministry of Trade publishes it on its website.

Until then, the maximum prices will be 196.30 dinars per liter of Eurodiesel, and 174.10 dinars per liter of Euro Premium BMB 95, as determined on April 15.

The same price of 179 dinars for Eurodiesel remained for the farmers at the NIS gas stations, and they were also allowed to pour 60 liters into a canister.

Recall, although the Decree on limiting the price of petroleum products, which will be in force until April 30, provides that the harmonization of prices of Eurodiesel and gasoline BMB 95 is announced on Friday, the same act also stipulates that in cases where Friday a national or religious holiday that is celebrated, the average wholesale price of petroleum products is calculated, and the highest retail is announced the day before.

Since the celebration of the Easter holidays in Serbia starts on Friday, April 22, the new fuel prices will be announced tomorrow by 3 pm, Kurir reports.