How to check if you owe the state a property tax

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The deadline for paying property taxes expires on February 14, and many are once again wondering if they may be in a subscription or in a deficit. Many also tried to find out from the “pedestrian” what their balance was on the “account” for the property tax, but they did not succeed. The truth and the procedure are as follows.

According to the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration, all those who do not settle their quarterly obligations defined by the decision, receive warnings from their municipal branches about their debt. At the same warning, it is clear that the deadline for settling the obligation is five days from the issuance of the warning.

The law also stipulates that if the taxpayer has objections to the submitted warning and the amount he needs to pay within five days, he can discuss disputable issues with the Tax Administration.

And thirdly, if they do not fulfill their obligations even after that, they will be charged interest, but they can be additionally fined 50,000 dinars because they did not settle their quarterly obligations within the set deadline.

The Tax Administration, if the obligations are not settled even after the warning, has the right to forced collection, which can be realized either by an administrative ban on income and even by taking over movables and even real estate.

Each taxpayer received with the tax decision the amount of the installment that he has to pay for a certain quarter.

This is done for the sake of easier monitoring of settled obligations, and the law requires that these obligations be settled in a defined amount.

Those taxpayers who pay taxes not in defined installments, but do so in accordance with their discretion, without being in debt, if they want to check their settled obligations, they must contact their branch directly or by e-mail.

Payment in four installments

The property tax is collected by local self-governments and is paid in four installments: the first by February 14, the second by May 15, the third by August 14 and the fourth installment by November 14.

The tax on the property of natural persons can be paid in a smaller number of installments than prescribed by law, including the payment of the determined tax at once, until the due date of the tax liability for each quarter.

By the way, the law also defined the possibility of obsolescence of debt collection on the basis of property tax.

– Citizens who do not respect the prescribed deadlines for paying property taxes could be fined 50,000 dinars for each quarter for which no tax installment has been paid. For the annual property tax, the legislator has prescribed quarterly payment deadlines, which means that non-compliance with the prescribed deadlines is considered irregular settlement of obligations – George Pap, a tax expert, explained to “Blic Biznis” several times, Blic reports.