How to get a new 100 euros?

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According to official statistics, about a million citizens are entitled to this money

Everyone between the ages of 16 and 30 is entitled to this money. Due to the Crown epidemic, young people have not had their lives for more than two years. This payment is a way to show care for them, says Vučić.

More than a million young people in Serbia aged 16 to 30 will receive another 100 euros as a gift from the state in May, announced President Aleksandar Vučić.

Citizens will apply for this money through the website of the Treasury Administration – For those who do not have a bank account, a dedicated account will be opened, as was the case during the previous payments of state aid, reports 24Sedam.

How to make money

As was the case with previous payments of state aid, when applying, the bank where you have an account is chosen, or only the name of the bank where the dedicated account will be opened.

The authorities will soon determine the exact ‘cut-off date’. Assuming that date is May 1, it is taken as a ‘cross-section’ for those who can apply.

The application will then be possible for all those who have reached the age of 16 by that date or for those who have reached the age of 29, 11 months and 31 days on that date.

According to official statistics, about a million citizens have the right to this money, and the only condition is that they have a valid ID card.

As the young people rushed to the MUP counters at the last minute in order to get their ID cards, the authorities are appealing to them to pick up the documents on time.

– This new help to young people has nothing to do with the elections, because it will be paid only after them. We will give another 100 euros to young people from 16 to 30 years of age. The state is ready, it has the possibility to allocate another 102 million euros for that – stated Vučić and added:

– Our young people, due to the Crown epidemic, have not had their lives for more than two years. This payment is a way to show even greater care for them.

Payment to retirees as well

The President reminded that tomorrow, February 10, the payment of new aid to pensioners of 20,000 dinars will begin.

– With these moves, we show that even during the greatest crown crisis, the global economic and energy crisis, we want and can help people to encourage additional consumption, as well as encourage additional investments and exports, to raise the country’s economic growth to a higher level. That is the essence of progress and that is what we can do for our citizens – Vučić pointed out.

New investors

Speaking about the arrival of new large investors in Serbia, the head of state pointed out that at the moment he is negotiating with 92 investors on a possible investment in Serbia, and the total value of the planned investments is 7.3 billion euros!

– That will mean more than 35,000 new jobs – the President emphasized and pointed out that record employment is being recorded in Serbia:

– We have more than 2.3 million employees, and we have a chronic shortage of different profiles, especially craftsmen, welders, drivers, locksmiths, mechanics, electricians.

The President reiterated that he believes that before the end of the mandate of the next government in 2025, the average salary in our country will be 1,000 euros, and the average pension will be 500 euros, Alo writes.

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