How to reduce electricity bills and save a third of the money

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The energy crisis is ravaging the whole world. We hear from all sides about rising energy prices and shortages. Therefore, saving on electricity bills is one of the most important items of all households in Serbia, but also in the world. Here are tips on how to reduce your electricity bills and save a third of your money.

There are a large number of household appliances that consume a lot of electricity: washing machine, dishwasher, water heater… Their use is impossible to avoid, but there is certainly a more rational way to use them.

One of the ways to save on electricity bills is to use a cheaper tariff, ie night. During the night, the price of electricity is 3 to 4 times cheaper.

The cheap tariff is first activated in central Serbia at 10 pm and lasts until 6 am. An hour later, cheaper kilowatts can be used by the people of Vojvodina from 11 pm until 7 am. And in the area of ​​Belgrade, electricity at a cheap tariff starts from midnight until 8 o’clock in the morning.

Washing machine and dishwasher

It is not unknown that by turning on the washing machine only at night, we can significantly reduce electricity consumption. Whenever we talk about washing machines and dishwashers, the advice is the same. Do not turn them on until the holes are full, and if possible choose later hours and nightly rate. These devices use the same amount of electricity regardless of the amount of dirty things and dishes in them.

Water heater

The boiler is another device that can be turned on at night.

As the boiler is one of the larger consumers, you should take advantage of the cheaper tariff and use it to heat water only at night. It is very important that you regularly clean it of scale, because the scale itself slows down the heating process, which leads to higher electricity consumption. If you are alone or there are only two of you, it is best to turn on the water heater only at night when electricity is cheaper. The same goes for washing machines.


In families with more members, it is often the case that meals are prepared every day, in addition to taking a lot of time, it also means high electricity consumption. One of the ways to save on cooking is to prepare meals in the evening, and put them on baking or cooking in the morning while the cheaper tariff is still in effect.

When using the oven, it is crucial to avoid opening it during baking, another possibility is the convenience offered by all modern devices, including the oven, use and bake two dishes in it. This saves both time and electricity. Turn it off earlier and leave the dish to bake in the heat while the oven cools down.

Turn off the light bulbs

It may make sense to point out, but the savings on turning off the light bulbs are more than significant. It is also recommended to replace them with energy-saving LED bulbs.

When we talk about hobs and cooking food on them, the key thing is that the size of the sherpa corresponds to the size of the hob, so that unnecessary energy would not be wasted, sherpas that have a thicker bottom, store energy because food is stored faster, Blic reports.