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If the amendments to the Law on the Use of RES are adopted, Serbia will be ready to award market premiums

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If the proposed amendments to the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are adopted, Serbia will be ready to conduct auctions for the allocation of market premiums for the production of electricity from RES, in a way that enables a balance between the interests of the state and citizens, the Minister of Mining and of Serbian Energy Dubravka Đedović.

“First of all, it is security of supply at the lowest price and predictability that investors are looking for in terms of costs and incentives,” said Đedović after a conversation with the Israeli ambassador Yahel Vilan, the Ministry announced.

She discussed with Vilana the cooperation between the two countries in the energy transition and projects in the field of renewable energy sources and mentioned that Israeli companies, thanks to wind power projects in Vojvodina, are already recognized in Serbia as significant investors in the field of renewable energy sources. 

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The minister stressed that in the fall, Serbia will complete the construction of the Serbia-Bulgaria gas interconnection, which will enable connecting Serbia with gas sources that reach Greece, including gas from Azerbaijan and the Caspian region and the liquefied natural gas terminal (LNG terminal) in Greece, and in the future with other suppliers, including Israel.

“If I could choose only one topic to talk about, it would be renewable energy sources.” “Kovačica and Pupin are successful projects of electricity production from renewable sources and a good example for other Israeli investors of how they can do business in Serbia,” said Wilan.

The interlocutors concluded that the potential for bilateral cooperation in energy is exceptional, as well as that the line ministries of the two countries had previously signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of green energy.

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