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Impol Seval invests EUR 10.8 million in coating equipment

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Sevojno-based aluminum rolling mill Impol Seval announced that it had signed an agreement with the company Globus Srl (Torino-Italy) on the delivery of equipment for the new coating line and the aluminum flattening line, worth EUR 10.8 million.

The plant announced that the beginning of the second investment cycle worth 27 million euros had been marked in that way and that over 43 million euros had been invested in the procurement of new technology lines and modernization of the plant to date.

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The agreement on the delivery of equipment was signed last Friday by Impol Seval CEO Ninko Tesic and President of the Italian company Globus Srl Torino-Italy Luigi Bagnasco, while the first coated sheet metal should come off the new line in late July 2012.

The Impol Seval CEO said that the company had also concluded an agreement on the production of steel structures, tubs, installations and other accompanying equipment for the needs of implementation of the project with Impol Seval Tehnika, worth a total of EUR 1.5 million.

– Another EUR 2 million have to be invested in construction works, infrastructure connections, assembling of the equipment and other accompanying works, so that we expect the total value of the sheet metal coating project to reach about EUR 14.5 million – Tesic said and added that the project would be implemented in accordance with the strictest European ecological norms regarding environment protection, energy efficiency and industrial safety.

As he explained, upon implementation of that project, Impol Seval will be able to offer the global market high-quality aluminum paint-coated products, which will also be the base for further investing in the product finishing process, increase of cold-rolling production capacity, and introduction of products of higher value into the product portfolio.

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Former Aluminum Rolling Mill Sevojno was privatized by Impol from Slovenska Bistrica eight years ago.


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