In a month, 700 million euros were invested in real estate in Serbia

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The amount of money on the real estate market in Serbia in December last year amounted to 698 million euros, the Republic Geodetic Authority announced. That is almost 50 percent more than in December 2020.
During the last month, 15,528 sales contracts were concluded, the report of this institution adds. It is still mostly paid in cash
Out of that, 12% of the turnover was realized through money from loans. In that way, apartments are most often paid for – 27% of them were paid with credit funds during the mentioned period.
“By regions, apartments were mostly paid for from loans in the City of Belgrade – 31 percent, followed by 28 percent in Vojvodina, 26 percent in southern and eastern Serbia and 18 percent in Sumadija and western Serbia,” the institute’s report said.
Land is most often bought
During December 2021, a total of 17,379 real estates were traded in Serbia, of which 6,147 were land transactions, 4,161 were facilities and 7,071 were special parts, Novosti reports.