In January, GDP growth exceeded four percent

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Today, the Prime Minister Ana Brnabić chaired the session of the Council for Coordination of Activities of Measures for the Growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), at which the most important economic indicators in all economic areas were analyzed.

It was announced at the session that the growth of the gross domestic product was over four percent in January, and that we are on the way to continue to achieve a growth of 4.5 percent in 2022.

It was stated that the supply chain in Serbia is functioning regularly and that in the last two days, compared to last weekend, there has been a decrease in demand for basic foodstuffs by an average of 20 percent, the Government announced.

It was said at the Council that there is enough wheat, flour and corn for domestic needs.

The market supply of edible oil is stable, factories have sufficient quantities of oil and no significant disturbances are expected for now.

The supply of all types of oil derivatives is regular and stable, and there are all types of motor fuels at gas stations and sales are going smoothly.

The gas market is also stable, as is the electricity supply.

It was pointed out at the session that the situation in Ukraine has led to difficult operations of certain companies, with consequences that are felt in all sectors of the economy.

It was pointed out that it is extremely important to take care of domestic producers who have already signed contracts in advance, which they should respect, it is stated in the announcement, Euronews reports.

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