In October, the construction of a high-speed railway from Belgrade to Nis will start

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The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Tomislav Momirović, announced today that the construction of the high-speed railway from Belgrade to Niš will begin in October.

While driving on the high-speed railway from Belgrade to Novi Sad, Momirović also said that the goal was to connect the three largest cities in Serbia with the high-speed railway.

The first section of the Nis high-speed railway will be from Stalac to Junis, Momirovic said, answering Tanjug’s question whether the announced financing of the project with the participation of the EU could be jeopardized due to the current crisis in the world and international relations will not stop.

Momirović announced that due to the great interest of the citizens, the promotional price of a ticket of 300 dinars for a high-speed train Soko, from Belgrade to Novi Sad in one direction, will be extended for another month and will be valid in May.

The Belgrade-Novi Sad high-speed railway was opened on March 19, and Momirović told Tanjug in the Soko train that 230,000 passengers have been transported by that train so far and that a record of about 13,000 passengers was reached in one day.

“We formed the ticket price on a promotional basis in order to get as many people back on track and to see what we made and what trains we procured. This is a great success. That is why we decided to extend the promotional ticket price for another month and it is valid and in May “, Momirovic said in an interview with Tanjug on the way to Novi Sad.

He invited all people to ride the best Stadler trains in this category, which Serbia bought, and enjoy the ride.

“This is pride for the whole country and the citizens. I am very satisfied,” Momirovic said, adding that before opening the high-speed railway from Belgrade to Novi Sad, he feared that the project would be successfully completed and that a speed of 200 km would be reached. a clock.

When entering and exiting the Soko train, Momirović greeted the passengers, among whom there were many families with children for whom the fast train was a real attraction, and talked to them.

The passengers praised the new train, and Momirović asked them if they had any objections and to take them out freely.

On that occasion, one man told him that he had one small remark, and that is that when you buy more tickets online, you don’t get concentrated seating because rarely anyone goes alone, so passengers have to relocate themselves to sit together. The minister promised to see that corrected.

Momirović pointed out that the construction of the high-speed railway is the biggest project in the history of Serbian railways, and that in the previous period our standards in the railways had dropped significantly and that the stations were empty, but that has now changed.

Momirović reminded that the second section of the high-speed railway through Serbia from Novi Sad to Subotica is already being built and that the goal is to connect with Budapest.

“We will start very soon, this year, to work the section from Belgrade to Nis. The goal is to connect the three largest cities with the highest quality railway infrastructure in Eastern Europe,” said Momirovic, adding that the entire high-speed railway through Serbia will be completed in December 2024. . years.

He mentioned that the Hungarians are a little late, but that, when they finish, they will be able to get from Belgrade to Budapest in three hours.

That will be the real accession of Serbia to the EU, Momirovic added.

“This year, we will start with the works on the first section from Stalac to Junis between Paracin and Jagodina, and we will not give up on any project. That is a precondition for becoming a modern country,” Momirovic said.

He emphasizes that we live in the circumstances of the war in Eastern Europe, but that we will not allow that to jeopardize our plans, and that the goal is to become a developed country like Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Momirovic says that even in extraordinary circumstances that affect the economy of the whole of Europe, Serbia is building highways and reminds that a highway to Montenegro to Duga Poljana is being built, then Ruma, Sabac and Loznica are being connected, the Moravian Corridor is being built to connect corridors. 10 and 11, Highway of Peace from Nis to Merdar, fast road to Golubac and others.

He announced that the first section of the 27-kilometer Moravian Corridor from Pojat to Krusevac will be completed by October 14, when Krusevac Day is marked, although the contract stipulates November as the deadline.

He adds that the highway to Montenegro from Pakovraća to Požega should be completed by December or February.

He notes that this is a very difficult section, as 40 percent is in tunnels and bridges, and that work is already underway on the section from Požega to Arilje, Ivanjica and Duga Poljana.

When asked when the last part from Požega to Boljar on the border with Montenegro will be done, he said that it also depends on when Montenegro will work on their part from Kolašin to Boljar, since the goal is not to connect with the Montenegrin border by highway. , but with Bar, and that our strategic goal is to connect with the port of Bar.

Momirović added that the bar railway from Resnik to Valjevo has already been reconstructed and that the renovation of the entire bar railway to Vrbnica on the border with Montenegro will be done, B92 reports.