In the villages in the municipality of Secanj, houses ‘burned’

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The Minister for the care of the village, Milan Krkobabic, stated today that the houses in the villages of the municipality of Secanj “burned down”, because as many as 13 of them will get a new owner.

Presenting the work of the commission, which approved new requests for the purchase of houses in the countryside, Krkobabic stated that three houses in the municipality of Paracin are getting new owners.

“This time, the largest house is located in the village of Gajdobra in the municipality of Backa Palanka, it has 320 square meters and 7.7 acres of land and costs 1.17 million dinars. The house with the largest garden of 55 acres is located in the municipality of Zrenjanin in the village of Mihajlovo and costs a maximum of 1.2 million dinars “, said Krakobabić, Beta reports.

At today’s session of the commission, 107 rural houses were awarded to 10 young farmers, 13 single parents and 84 families from the entire territory of Serbia.

The municipality of Knić in the Šumadija district will get new tenants in the village of Toponica, a new family is waiting for the village of Donji Katun in the municipality of Varvarin, and in the south of Serbia, rural houses in the municipalities of Merošina and Blace will be revived.

The money for the purchase of rural houses is allocated according to the order of received applications, until the funds allocated for this purpose are spent, and no later than November 1, 2022. Young married and unmarried couples, single parents and young farmers up to the age of 45 can apply for a grant to buy a country house.

According to the conditions of the competition, the house can be located on the territory of all populated places in Serbia, except in city and municipal headquarters and suburban settlements, and its value can amount to a maximum of 1.2 million dinars.

For these purposes, the national budget this year envisages 500 million dinars, Politika reports.