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Incentives to wagon production to strengthen metal complex-Serbian Minister

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Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric announced yesterday that incentives to wagon production will continue, which will improve the metal complex and help the whole economy.

Ciric visited the factory Bratstvo in Subotica, to sign minutes on the formal takeover of the factory by the Slovak producer Tatravagonka, and to deliver to Serbian railways Zeleznice Srbije 25 wagons repaired by this company.

This is the best example how the government is working in the field and helps the workers and citizens, said Ciric.

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He added that this is also a good example of reindustrialisation of Serbia, considering the fact that with the help of local government this company has become an export-oriented enterprise.

Ciric thanked the workers who have endured in order to cancel the first privatsation and in a little less than two years to settle the accumulated liabilities which amounted to about €10 million.

Minister of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic pointed out that this investment is important to Subotica and announced that Subotica will attract investments in manufacturing industry and services, thanks to which several thousand people will get jobs.

Director of Zeleznice Srbije Milovan Markovic said that a new contract on the overhaul of 100 wagons worth RSD 80 million will be signed with this firm.

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Director of Tatravagonka Alexei Beljajev, Mayor of Subotica Sasa Vucinic and Director of Bratstvo Novica Davis jointly assessed that this factory gives a new quality in Subotica and that it will find a place with its products at the European market.

The Ministry of Economy and Regional Development in 2009 launched a special programme to help Serbian wagon industry worth RSD 2.1 billion.

Bratstvo overhauled a total of 350 wagons of the total value of RSD 280 million for Zeleznice Srbije.

Slovak company Tatravagonka purchased Bratstvo at the tender in 2010 and paid €5.4 million promising an investment programme worth €3 million as well as the launch of production of wagons to be exported to Germany, Russia, Austria and other European countries.

Tatravagonka is one of Europe’s largest manufacturer and servicer of rail vehicles, has about 4,500 employees. In 2008 its revenue stood at €280 million selling its products at the markets of Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Source Serbian Government.  

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