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“Introduction of e-government best dam for corruption”

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic on Thursday announced that the main priorities of the government are the digitisation and education reform.

These are “two processes that go hand in hand at the time of the fourth industrial revolution, adding that it is the best answer to corruption,” Brnabic said, quoted by the Serbian government.

Brnabic, as the keynote speaker at the conference “What technological revolution means for the future of the governments” at the School of Management of Blavatnik University of Oxford, pointed out that the first pillar of reforms that is being implemented by the government’s digitisation, i.e., the introduction of e-government and electronic services for citizens and the business community.

The prime minister pointed out that e-government is much safer than today’s bureaucracy, and pointed out that the answer is a more efficient, transparent and predictable government, which is also the best response to the fight against corruption.

When you make things more transparent, you cut the space for corruption, she repeated, and stressed that this cannot be a cure for solving all corruption issues, but it is making things more transparent.

Brnabic assessed that for e-government it is necessary to establish registry books for citizens, addresses, business communities, real estate register, but it is necessary to have standards for services to use these databases, as well as the legal framework.

Source; B92