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Investment of EUR 22 million in Vojvodina’s waterpower engineering sector – Province prepares projects for European funds

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– During the next two months, Vojvodina expects from the EU to launch several competitions worth over EUR 22 million, the focus of which will be on the priority fields such as modernization of the infrastructure network and local roads, management of water resources, defense from floods, drainage, and protection of people and property from floods – Predrag Novikov, the Director of European Affairs Fund, said in Brussels.

According to his words, just like in the previous years, there will be projects in the fields of education, economic and cultural cooperation with neighboring countries.

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– The provincial administration has already started preparations for the use of these funds and I have been talking with our regional partners over the past few days in order to provide necessary support and ensure the use of money in the best possible way – said Novikov.

As he pointed out, in association with the colleagues from Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungar, Vojvodina is getting ready for the biggest European meeting of regions – Open Days, at which it will present all potentials.

– Vojvodina is for a long time present in Brussels in different way, but it is for sure that the opening of the House of Vojvodina in the capital city of Europe will be a turning point on the path to the EU for both Vojvodina and the country as a whole – said Novikov.

Speaking about funds, Novikov stressed that he expected over 100 projects in the province this spring.

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– Another two funds will be opened this spring until spring. One is Energy Call and concerns the energy sector, renewable energy sources in particular. That fund is worth EUR 130 million, while the deadline for submission of projects is April 7. It is important to now that both municipalities and public companies such as heating plants can apply for grants from that fund. The other fund is called Eureak and it encourages IT and research-development projects. The money in that fund can be used by large, small and medium-sized enterprises, universities… The deadline for applications is April 1 – says Novikov.


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