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Investments in the chemical industry to increase export revenue

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Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic announced on July, 9th, a new investment plan for the Factory of synthetic rubber (FSK) in Elemir worth of 1.5 million EUR, was announced on the website of the Government of Serbia.

Dinkic said after touring the facilities of the Factory that this investment plan of financial aid for FSK should improve energy efficiency and increase export revenues from 30 to 50 million EUR in this year.

Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that this investment plan will be made in cooperation with Petrohemija, and announced that ten new young workers will in the next period get new jobs at this Factory.

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He noted that the chemical industry is recovering, because of the increasing demand on the world market, which is why the Serbian government considers what needs to be done and how to help the industry to have that higher export revenues.

Dinkic said that FSK currently produces 22,000 tons of rubber and other products, and stressed that the capacity could be greater than 35,000 tons.

Director FSK Milovan Eremic indicated that more than 80% of production is exported and there is the demand for rubber which has a very high quality, noting that the plant is the part of petrochemical complexe and that it gets raw materials from HIP Petrochemistry.

The production in the Petrochemistry was launched last year thanks to the assistance of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, which has also assisted FSK in receiving a continuous supply of raw materials

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