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Investors given five years to finish construction – Amendments and supplements to Law on planning and construction adopted

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The Government of Serbia yesterday adopted proposed amendments to the Law on planning and construction. Amendments to the Law on planning and construction will simplify the procedure in case it is necessary to alter planning documentation. What is also new is that the location permit can not be issued only for construction of new and floor additions to existing buildings, it is announced on the Government’s website.

As for legalization, reductions in fees have been envisaged for certain categories of citizens, while the number of items ascertaining that the applicant has a resolved property status has been increased and specified.

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Building permits issued to investors will be valid for five years, people at the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning confirmed for Tanjug. In that way, the responsibility of investors will be bigger since they will have to have the construction works finished and collect the use permit in that period because if they fail to do that, they will have to pay the fee as if the building was constructed, in the amount of the property tax.


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