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Italian donation to Serbia`s Central Conservation Institute

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Minister of Culture, Media and Information Society Predrag Markovic and Italian Ambassador to Serbia Armando Varicchio signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding a “Support to the Establishment of the Central Conservation Institute” project, for which the Italian Development Cooperation secured over €900.000.

Following the signing, Markovic said that the Italian funds for this project are not just a donation, but also an investment in culture and people who will be employed.

Varicchio stressed that we must recognise and preserve our past in order to comprehend our present identity and prepare for the future.

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We have a moral obligation to preserve our cultural and artistic heritage for future generations, he added.

Serbia and Italy have had long-term cooperation in the field of cultural preservation and this Memorandum is most certainly one of the crucial steps on this path.

The project aims to increase the awareness of the cultural identity of communities in the Balkan region by preserving their cultural heritage. The first visible result is the opportunity given to the Central Conservation Institute to work with the help of the most advanced methodology and techniques in the conservation and restoration remits.

The Institute’s laboratories will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and professional development courses will be organised to boost the capacity and improve the skills of Serbian experts.

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The Memorandum is part of a three-year arrangement during which Italy will help to set up the Central Conservation Institute in Serbia with almost €1 million.

Source Serbian Government.

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