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Kodar Inzenjering takes over 25 percent stake in Energomontaza

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The Belgrade-based company Kodar Inzenjering announced a bid for the acquisition of minimum 25 percent of shares of Energomontaza at the price of RSD 4,200 a piece. The bid for the takeover is open as of today until May 9. At that price, the market capitalization of Energomontaza amounts to RSD 299.4 million (EUR 2.9 million). This company registered a business revenue of RSD 1.19 million and a net profit of RSD 2 million last year.

Energomontaza’s largest shareholder is the state (the Share Fund and the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund) with a stake of about 40 percent, while the largest minority shareholders are Slovenia’s Publicum and Austria’s Erste.

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Energomontaza has a tradition over 50 years long and it is one of the leading companies in the field of planning and construction of power production and telecommunications facilities. This company is specialized for the planning and construction of long-distance power lines, substations, telecommunication networks and systems, and metal equipment and structures.


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