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Macro regional EU strategy for the Danube region adopted in Luxembourg

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At yesterday’s session of the EU General Affairs Council in Luxembourg, the ministers of foreign and European affairs of EU countries adopted the conclusions on the Danube Strategy with the aim of developing the economic potential of the Danube region and improving the protection of the environment.

The approval by this council is the second stage in the process of adoption of a macro regional EU strategy for the Danube region, reads a statement by the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration

On 8 December 2010 the European Commission adopted the final text of the strategy, and the European Parliament is expected to adopt it on 24 June 2011, with which the process of adoption of the Danube Strategy will be officially over.

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This decision of the EU General Affairs Council is also a clear signal to the Danube basin countries and coordinators of priority areas to begin with implementation of the strategy.

In connection with this, a meeting of coordinators of priority areas and representatives of Danube countries will be held in Budapest on 8 -10 May that will deal with the strategy’s implementation.

In this process, Serbia was assigned the coordination of priority areas of the economy of knowledge and rail, road and air transport, and Serbia’s representative will also take an active part in the executive working groups of other priority areas of the Danube Strategy.


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