Minister Momirović at the conference “Sustainability of a Common Future”

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The future of Serbia and the region must be built on mutual cooperation and support, and with the help of the world’s largest economies, including China, Minister of Construction Tomislav Momirovic ordered on Friday and stressed that we need to develop infrastructure, build roads and railways because they connect people and the economy.

At the conference “Sustainability of the Common Future”, organized by the Institute for the Belt and Road, Minister Momirović said that China and Serbia are separated by kilometers and numerous borders, but that by the strength of friendship the two countries overcame that distance and became sincere friends. the best basis for strengthening economic cooperation.

– Serbia, on the other hand, is stable on its European path and will become a member of the EU, but it has no right and will never turn its back on its friends – Momirovic said. – About 1,200 kilometers of highways and expressways are currently being designed and built, and Serbia is the largest construction site in this part of Europe. Thousands of domestic and foreign workers are working on one of the nearly 100,000 active construction sites.

The conference “Sustainability of the Common Future” was organized with the support of the Chinese Embassy in Serbia and the General Secretariat of the National Assembly. The Belt and Road Institute was founded by the Government of Serbia, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the University of Novi Sad, Novosti reports.