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More efficient solutions to market shortages- Serbian PM

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic stated last night that thanks to the merging of the Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, the problem of shortages in the market will be more efficiently resolved.

Appearing in “Utisak Nedelje” on Television B92, Cvetkovic said that there was a specific situation in the Serbian market, namely products that were produced in sufficient quantities were lacking.

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He stressed that it is necessary to resolve the import issue as well, especially in the cases when goods with higher prices appear in the market.

He observed that the issue of sugar supply to the domestic market has already been resolved, adding that there will be enough sugar in the market for the next six months.

Cvetkovic announced that over the next ten days, a new measure will be composed granting some slack to citizens in terms of their budgets because they will be able to re-programme their debts with banks.

This measure will refer to loans with a repayment period longer than 12 months. Debt servicing will also be facilitated by the introduction of a grace period, Cvetkovic specified.

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Citizens will be able to halve instalments of their loans over the next year-year and a half, he explained, adding that there are 900,000 people in Serbia with long-term credit debts, including both housing and consumer loans, the Prime Minister noted.

He also said that the reconstructed government will come up with a new programme for the next 12 months and will also present a code of the government’s work which will enable its greater efficiency.

Cvetkovic observed that in the reconstructed government, he will remain Prime Minister and also take up the Ministry of Finance, previously led by Diana Dragutinovic.

He stressed that the reason for the reconstruction was not poor work of certain ministries, but a need to create a more efficacious government, in line with European criteria.

Cvetkovic underlined that the names of ministers in the reconstructed government may be announced today.


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