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Mrkonjic: New airline to be set up soon



Serbian Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Milutin Mrkonjic announced on Tuesday that activities aimed at constitution of a new airline based on Jat Airways which would be exempt from debt should begin as of January.

This will be restructuring or constitution of a new airline, Mrkonjic told reporters replying to the question as to the fate of Jat since the tender for the company’s strategic partner failed.

The new company will in any case have to start from scratch and Jat management already has a proposition as to how the airline would look like, which part of the staff would stay and which part would be granted social programme, how many planes there would be and similar matters, Mrkonjic said.

Jat Airways Acting Director General Vladimir Ognjenovic stated that the programme for airline revitalisation is being prepared and should be completed by mid-January. According to him, the programme would comprise plans for recovery of the airline’s flotilla.

Ognjenovic said that talks with Airbus would be renewed for this purpose and that the cooperation with the joint French-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR would go on.