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Municipality of Bac

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Municipality of Bač is located in the south-west of Bačka, on the left bank of the river Danube, covering the area of 367 km2. The land is plain, intersected with small waterways and the Danube–Tisa–Danube Canal. Bač is 124 km away from Belgrade Airport and 66 km from Novi Sad. There are six settlements in this municipality: Bač, the administrative centre, Bačko Novo Selo, Plavna, Vajska, Bođani and Selenča. Distance to Belgrade Airport is 124 km and to Novi Sad 65 km.


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Bač has 16,268 inhabitants belonging to different groups such as Serbs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Croats and other ethnic minorities. The municipality has extremely rich cultural and religious heritage and three churches of different denominations.


The structure of the economy is determined by the geographic position of Bač municipality. The principal branches are agriculture, agro industry, construction, trade and hospitality industry.


Being situated close to the main transportation network, the municipality has strategic advantages. Bač is situated on the state border with Croatia, and it is just 60km from Novi Sad, 20 km from the Danube, 120 km from Belgrade and 60 km from the Pan-European Transport Corridor 10.

Tourism Bač municipality has a great potential for tourism with its natural resources, such as Provala lake, the rivers of Krivaj, Mostonga and Jegrička, artificial lakes and the Danube, as the natural border of the municipality. Forests cover the area of 31.4km2, which is suitable for the development of hunting tourism. The municipality also has very diversified and rich cultural and historical heritage and monuments including the Fortress, the monastery of Bođani and the Turkish bath – hamam.

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