NBS: Banks must return the payment card within two days

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Today, the National Bank of Serbia announced that more and more cases of ATMs “eating” payment cards to citizens and then the procedure of returning cards to users take a long time.

In the previous period, the National Bank of Serbia was approached by several payment card users issued by Serbian banks, who tried to withdraw cash with their payment card at an ATM of another bank in the country and whose payment card was temporarily kept at the ATM for some reason. the process of returning a retained card takes a very long time.

The allegations in these addresses indicate that the accepting banks, which are providers of one-time payment services for cash withdrawals at ATMs, after the user’s application and request for the return of the retained card, most often refer the user to the card issuer’s bank. For this reason, the whole process of returning a temporarily retained card to users takes a very long time, and in some cases users cannot pick up the card for several weeks, although the reason for keeping the card is usually simple.

On that occasion, the National Bank of Serbia sent a letter to all banks accepting payment cards that provide payment service for cash withdrawals at ATMs, to implement procedures based on which, after the application and user request suspected attempted misuse – to be able to safely and efficiently hand over the payment card to the user in the branch where the ATM is located where the card is temporarily kept or at the location of the nearest branch in case the card is kept in an ATM not physically located in the bank branch the recipient, within no more than two working days from the moment of registration of the user.

In order to increase the efficiency of this process, the accepting banks were ordered to inform the issuing bank in case of card retention, regardless of whether or not the user reported or not retention of the card, upon receiving the knowledge that the card was kept in the ATM. confirmation of the issuing bank as a necessary precondition for returning the card, and that the issuing bank informs the cardholder electronically about the case of card retention as soon as possible after receiving the notification, in accordance with the agreed methods of communication, “said the National Bank of Serbia, Danas reports.