Necessary urgent investments in the electric power system of Serbia

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The Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlović, stated at the government session that Serbia is still in a serious energy crisis and that large and urgent investments in the electricity system are needed.
Large and urgent investments are needed in both EMS and EDS, especially in EPS. Electrodistribution of Serbia needs much more money to maintain the distribution network, so that we can peacefully welcome every winter, and not suddenly almost 130 thousand people are left without electricity, and more than two thousand megawatts out of the system. Funds are also needed for EMS, not to mention the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, which has not built any capacity for 30 years,” said Mihajlović.
She told the government session open to the public, which was also attended by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, that this situation would last even longer, that large funds had been set aside for the purchase of additional quantities of fuel oil, as well as for electricity imports.
“The president is right when he says that we should consider the purchase of capacities outside the borders of Serbia, but let’s see what the energy capacities are. We definitely need to invest in our capacities and prevent such crises from recurring,” the minister said.
She pointed out that some decisions will have to be made when it comes to planning and managing the power system, Beta reports.