New factories in western Serbia this spring

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The former company “Budimka” from Pozega, was sold on the third attempt, and it was bought by the ITN group from Kosjeric, which wants to make the factory ready for production as soon as possible, according to the Rina agency.
“Domestic investors are investing around five million euros, and a competition for employment has been announced. It is planned to employ 150 workers, on a trial line. We from the local self-government, as well as the new owners, are willing to achieve better results in all segments,” said for Rina, Djordje Nikitovic, president of the municipality of Pozega.
In the middle of June, the German factory “Vorwerk” should open in Cacak, where a total of 1,000 workers will find a job. This company was built in Preljina on an area of 40,000 square meters.
“The investment is worth almost 70 million euros, the city of Cacak has done the complete infrastructure as well as the planning acts, which will be returned to the city through the employment of the people of Cacak.” This industrial plant includes three companies: Vorwerk Drivetec, Vorwerk Autotev, while the third company is part of Vorwerk, but it is called Eldizi. “Car parts for Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Ford and Bentley will be made here, from plastic, metal and rubber,” said the mayor of Cacak, Milun Todorovic.
Another German investment in Ivanjica, where it opened a plant for metal processing companies this spring. This factory in the industrial zone Senjak will be connected to gas at the beginning of June, when it will start production.
“In the first phase, 120 workers will be employed, and by expanding the volume of production, conditions will be created for additional engagement of a larger number of labor force,” said the president of the municipality of Ivanjica, Zoran Lazovic.
For more than 100 years, Koenig Metal has been processing sheet metal and pipes in 7 locations around the world in accordance with customer requirements for the metal, electrical and automotive industries, as well as the exhaust systems and airbags industry.
In addition, a modern water factory was built on the slopes of Maljen, and the investment is worth about three million euros and will employ about 30 locals, Dnevnik reports.