New gas pipeline between Serbia and Republika Srpska by 2026

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The new gas pipeline that will connect Republika Srpska to the “Balkan Stream” in our country, should be completed in 2026.
That interconnection will increase security of transport and supply, as well as Serbia’s transit revenues. This is one of several joint energy projects that are very important, not only for our country and Republika Srpska, but also for the entire region.
After the companies “Srbijagas” and “Gas-res” from Srpska signed an agreement on its construction on March 16 in Banja Luka, it is necessary for Serbia and BiH to initial an interstate agreement. At the moment, as stated in the Ministry of News, there are no visible obstacles to the realization of the project.
“Once the interstate agreement is signed, the plan for the construction of the gas interconnection with the Republika Srpska will be defined, which will include the date of the beginning and end of the construction,” they specify in the Ministry. The project-technical documentation should be ready by June 2024, and the completion of the construction is planned for 2026.
The length of the gas pipeline on the territory of Serbia will be 95 kilometers, and 325 kilometers in Serbia. It will follow the route Indjija, Macvanski Prnjavor, Bijeljina, Banja Luka, Novi Grad. Its capacity is planned to be 1.2 billion cubic meters per year.
The value of the project on the territory of Serbia is around 47 million euros, according to the Ministry. For now, apart from the budget, no other source of financing is planned, but the option of applying for European Union funds will also be considered.
There are no obstacles for this gas pipeline, but the works on three hydroelectric power plants on the Upper Drina, which are being built by Serbia and Srpska, are being stopped by a group of 24 deputies in the BiH Parliament by initiating proceedings before the BiH Constitutional Court.
They are disputing the right of Srpska to grant concessions for construction, even though it territorially covers the area of future hydroelectric power plants.
On December 28, they submitted a request to the BiH Constitutional Court to resolve the dispute with Republika Srpska, the Government of Republika Srpska and to adopt an interim measure, and challenge the acts of the RS Government granting three concessions for the construction and use of hydropower plants on the upper Drina River – Buk Bjela, Foca and Paunci”, they explain in the Ministry.
“So far, the Constitutional Court of BiH has not yet ruled on this request, and the Government of Srpska, in due time, submitted a response to that institution on January 27, by which it disputes it in its entirety.”
They also point out that, at this moment, the activities planned for this phase of the project have not been stopped, but are proceeding according to the planned dynamics. They are implemented by the project company of the company HES “Gornja Drina”, which was founded by EPS and “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske”.
Recently, after meetings with her colleague from RS, Petro Djokić, the Minister of Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, assessed that the interest of the energy security of the region is to do everything we can to start the construction of hydroelectric power plants on the Upper Drina as soon as possible.
“When you look at all the feasibility studies, all three are economically justified,” Mihajlović pointed out. “We have to connect, because if we don’t do that, we will be excluded from all future connections and production.”
The gas pipeline will be two-way, which means that it will be possible to connect to other pipelines in the region.
After the signing of the agreement, the companies “Srbijagas” and “Gas-res” announced that they will trade on a commercial basis and that the most favorable and cheapest blue energy source will be procured.
The General Director of “Srbijagas”, Dusan Bajatovic, pointed out that the company is ready to cooperate with BiH as well, and suggested that both sides act together towards suppliers, in order to achieve better commercial conditions, B92 reports.