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New packages to help the citizens and economy of Serbia

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, announced tonight that the Government of Serbia, most likely by Sretenje on February 14, will announce a new package of assistance to the economy, which will not be as generous as last year, until there is a decision on postponing the moratorium for deferred tax liabilities from 2020.
There will be new support for companies, we will see if two or three times the minimum, said Vucic for TV Happy and emphasized that the guarantee schemes for the economy will be extended.
There will also be sectoral support for tourism, travel agencies, bus carriers, said Vucic and emphasized that he had long talks with the Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and the Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali about that – about the support of around one billion euros.
The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said tonight that he was convinced that the then Minister of Police, Nebojsa Stefanovic, did not know about his wiretapping.
Vucic told Happy TV that an investigation was being conducted into that wiretapping and stated that the Jovanjica case had nothing to do with it, because those conversations had been wiretapped before.
He said that his conversations with four people were tapped, but he did not want to say which people were in question “so as not to put them in an awkward situation”.
He stated that he believes that he was wiretapped by individuals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to “have something against him”, but he added that “they have nothing”.
Vucic said that he also had information about his father’s wiretapping.
“I will not talk about wiretapping anymore, let the competent authorities deal with it,” said Vucic.
Speaking about the case of Jovanjica, Vucic said that the affair was “fabricated” and that he was ready to go to the polygraph, in order to answer all questions about it because he had nothing to hide.
Asked whether “Jovanjica” is Stefanović’s revenge for “Krusik”, Vucic stated that there is no need for anyone to defend him from Stefanovic, nor Stefanović from him.
“Average salary in Serbia increased by 180 euros”.
The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, stated tonight that in the past seven years, the average salary in Serbia has increased by 180 euros, announcing that in March this year it will be 535 euros.
Seven years ago, the salary was 329 euros, and in Montenegro 510 euros. Today, we have an average salary of 511 euros, in Montenegro it is around 509 euros, and everyone else in the region is significantly below, said Vucic for TV Happy.
The level of investments for last year was 2.9 billion euros net, which is incredible considering what the year was like, Vucic added.
“The Kovax vaccine will be nothing in January”.
We did not get it, we have already paid for the Pfizer vaccine, and if we had not paid, we would not have had it, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic tonight and asked how Serbian citizens would look at vaccinating their neighbors in Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.
As if I knew that we would wait longer for Kovaks, although I have great confidence in Commissioner Oliver Varhelji, there will be nothing of that in January, said Vucic and added that Serbia therefore started procuring the vaccine on time.
Vucic told TV Happy that the “slightly less” Sputnik vaccine from Russia would arrive and be “planned”, adding that he had written to Chinese President Xi Jinping about their vaccine.
We will also start talks with Astra Zenek, announced Vucic and assessed that all vaccines are good, but that some “as they understand politics, now they also understand vaccines”.
Vucic said that he had “heard all sorts of nonsense”, but he had not yet heard such that those who were possibly vaccinated with the Russian vaccine would be banned from traveling, Danas reports.