New subsidies for catering and tourism in Serbia in July and August

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The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications announced today that in July and August, in the name of subsidies to catering and tourism due to the pandemic, companies that meet the conditions will be paid 250 euros for each employee whose salary was paid by the company for December last year.

The list of companies that have exercised the right to a subsidy can be found on the website of this ministry, and there are 12,155 companies on it.

The money is granted non-refundable and the right to these funds have companies that have registered with the Business Registers Agency, as the predominant activity, the activities of restaurants and mobile catering facilities, preparation and serving of food, drinks, then hotels, resorts, camps, auto-camps and camps for caravans, travel agencies, tour operators, rental and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles.

As stated in the notice on the website of the Ministry, the money will be paid to the users on special dedicated dinar accounts that the Treasury Administration will open for these needs.

It is pointed out that companies that reduce the number of employees by more than 10 percent from the day the aid program enters into force until the end of the period of three months after the aid is paid, will lose the right to receive subsidies.

The Ministry of Finance will check this condition for the allocation of subsidies, which will inform the Ministry of Tourism in case of non-fulfillment, which will then request a refund, Politika reports.