New system of electronic fiscalization

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The application of the new model of electronic fiscalization is obligatory in Serbia from tomorrow, and at the same time the application of the system of electronic invoices will begin in the public sector, the Ministry of Finance announced, adding that the new system is “a key lever in the fight against the gray economy”.

When it comes to e-fiscalization, this model implies the use of a new hardware or software solution, and accordingly it is necessary that from tomorrow, Sunday, May 1, all taxpayers issue new fiscal invoices with a QR code, in order to continue working in in accordance with the law “, the ministry stated.

They added that the transition period for the transition to the new fiscalization model began on November 1, and that since then the old and the new model have functioned in parallel, which will be mandatory for all taxpayers from tomorrow.

“In order for taxpayers not to have the cost of switching to the new fiscalization model, the state provided subsidies in the amount of 100 euros per device and 100 euros per location for all those who applied for this type of assistance, and for businessmen who are not in the VAT system – and that amount was higher by 20 percent. 130,966 taxpayers applied for subsidies, and a total of about five billion dinars was paid for that purpose, “it was stated in the announcement.

The Ministry of Finance stated that the advantages brought by the new system are numerous, both for the state, the economy and the citizens, because in that way it suppresses unfair competition and enables a more efficient fight against the gray economy, facilitates business, reduces costs in the long run. is unnecessary administration and creates a better business environment, Danas reports.