“Nidek” is building another factory in Novi Sad

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The plants will produce inverters and electronic controllers for cars

The Japanese “Nidek” will open a new factory in Novi Sad, the foundation stone for which was ceremonially laid yesterday in the “North 4” industrial zone, on Kaćko put. It will be the second factory of the same manufacturer in this city, while the first one started to be built at the end of last year on the neighboring lot, and it should be occupied this fall.

The second factory will produce inverters and electronic controllers for cars, and it will be built by a company from the group of that company, “Nidek elesis Jurop” from Novi Sad. It is a sister company to the company “Nidek Electric Motors” and they will represent, as was said at the ceremony, the center of production in Southeast Europe.

Chief and Executive Director of “Nidek Elesis Europe” Toshiki Saito pointed out that the company received immense support from the city, the President of Serbia and the Japanese Embassy here.

“This year marks the 140th anniversary of Serbia and Japan, and we hope that the connection between the two countries will deepen through the establishment of our factory and business in Novi Sad,” said Saito.

According to him, in the first phase of the project for the second factory, it is planned to have a facility of 16,800 square meters on an area of ​​36,000 square meters, and initially 100 people will be employed to produce inverters, and that number will grow over time.

According to the business prospectus, the number of employees in the first phase is 200 people, and the factory is planned to be built at the beginning of 2023.

As the Japanese director mentioned, Serbia has a large number of excellent human resources, and the company gathers productive, proactive and professional personnel and hopes to come into direct contact with them in Novi Sad as soon as possible.

Through the production of electrical products that reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars, according to him, the company’s contribution to the environment and local communities will continue.

In the industrial zone of the city “North 4”, factories “Lir”, BMTS from the group “Boša”, “Continental”, as well as the investor CTP came earlier.

“It was not easy to believe that a once completely neglected meadow or nedojija would become a strong industrial zone,” said Mayor Miloš Vučević at the ceremonial start of the construction of the second “Nideka” factory.

He stated that the city has invested four billion dinars in this zone in the last seven years, and that 202 million dinars have been invested for additional utility equipment for another factory of a Japanese manufacturer, and that there is coordination with the investor CTP regarding this and that by the end of the month all joint works be completed.

“It is a victory for Novi Sad and all the people of Novi Sad because we had the strength, money and courage to do it,” said the mayor and added that the new goal is to bring the third division of “Nideka” to the city and open its research and development center.

According to him, the city fills its budget with these investments, builds kindergartens, schools, paves roads and streets, invests in culture, social and health care.

“It’s a plus for Novi Sad, direct, and I add that several hundred, in the final phase – 1,000 employees will work here and have good salaries, have a good employer and be more satisfied with themselves and their lives.” It is the victory of life, in the last resort”, it is the essence of life, professional engagement and work”, explains the mayor.

The company “Nidek” was founded in 1973 in the city of Kyoto, and operates in more than 40 countries around the world, where it has approximately 340 of its companies and employs more than 120,000 people. Some of the reasons for choosing Serbia for business are, as stated at the ceremony, the development potential, favorable business environment, qualified workforce and positioning in the center of Southeast Europe, Politika writes.