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Nine billion euros will be invested in Serbian infrastructure by 2025

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The Minister of Construction, Zorana Mihajlovic, stated that Serbia will invest nine billion euros in infrastructure, including road, railway, communal and social infrastructure, within the new investment plan until 2025.
Speaking as a guest on Happy Television, she said that 230 kilometers of new highways are currently being built, and that the investment plan for Serbia 2020-2025 envisages the construction of another 500 kilometers of highways.
“Vozd Karadjordje” is planned, which will connect central with western, southern and eastern Serbia, as well as the Pozega-Boljare highway, which will connect us with Montenegro. In addition to the high-speed railway that we are building from Belgrade to Budapest, we will also build the high-speed railway Belgrade-Nis,” said Mihajlovic.
She assessed that the infrastructure enables people to stay and live in their places, and that investments come easier and faster, as well as that, along with construction, it is the driver of economic development and growth of the gross domestic product.
“The apartments we are building for members of the security services will also contribute to that.” I made a proposal to extend that project to health and education workers, and I hope that the Government will adopt that,” said Mihajlovic.
She also stated that, when she came to the ministry, there was talk of “Velja’s theft, Mrkonjic’s unfinished projects and taverns”.
“They underestimated me, because work, order and discipline are what I am guided by,” Mihajlovic pointed out, N1 reports.

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