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Nine Hungarian companies will invest 75 million euros in Serbia

Hungary will support nine domestic companies with 25 million euros in order to invest in Serbia, and the value of those investments will be between 75 and 80 million euros, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siatro said today in a conversation with Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali.
In Belgrade, they discussed new investments of Hungarian companies in Serbia, as well as cooperation between the two countries in the implementation of large infrastructure projects, the Ministry of Finance announced.
Hungarian companies will invest in logistics centers, the pharmaceutical industry, fruit processing and the metal processing industry, mainly in central and southern Serbia.
The Economic Development Project will be continued in Vojvodina, which implies the support of Hungary to small and medium enterprises, it is stated in the announcement.
Mali pointed out that the arrival of nine Hungarian companies in Serbia is great news and a good signal from the Government of Hungary, especially in the conditions of the corona virus pandemic.
He added that a joint meeting would be held with representatives of all companies, so that they could start working in Serbia as soon as possible.
The meeting discussed the modernization of the railway between Subotica and Szeged, which is a key project for the population of that part of the two countries.
As agreed, all necessary activities will be taken over as soon as possible so that construction can begin as soon as possible and be completed by mid-2022.
The topic of the meeting was also the completion of the reconstruction of the National Theater in Subotica, for which, according to Mali, the Government of Serbia will allocate 2.5 million euros, as much as the Provincial Government will invest.
Mali emphasized that it is important “to know in times of crisis that you can rely on friends, such as Hungary, and thanked for the huge support that the country has provided to Serbia in this way.”
The interlocutors agreed that both countries responded to the crisis caused by the corona virus pandemic with a comprehensive and comprehensive package of economic measures, and that in that way they saved their economies, Danas reports.