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Nis attracted forty investors

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Nis was able to during the global economic crisis attract investors and become a preferred location for construction of office buildings in Serbia said the head of the Office for Local Economic Development (LED) Milan Randjelovic.

If you add up all the investments in commercial and manufacturing facilities that were realized during the past year and a half, counting those that are running and which are certain in the future, Niš will be richer by 42 companies, worth 337 million euros, which would should be doing about 8 800 people, “said Randjelovic low Official Gazette .

According to him, Nis, for example, a meadow of 10 hectares in the village of Donje Međurovo, which in March last year no one wanted to buy, made ​​a work zone where construction is within the factory Jura, begins one of her sister factory, and the Italian Dajtek and French Sagem.

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On the other hand, in the center of Nis was opened Shopping Mall` forum `and the` stone `Lozno soon begin construction of a large tourist and recreational complex, “said Randjelovic.
The chief of Kler in Nis, said that there are at least eighty companies contacted Nis here with a desire to open a manufacturing or sales outlets, distribution centers.

He said investor interest for the city is a direct consequence of the change in the attitude towards local investors.

As an example he stated that the City of Nis, at the request of businessmen in cooperation with them, relieve the administrative procedures under its jurisdiction, had offered land free of charge for the construction of production facilities and started listening to the needs of companies operating in its territory.


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