No investor has given up investing in Serbia

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State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy, Dragan Stevanović, said that despite the current situation in the world and all the instabilities, no investor in Serbia has given up on their investment, nor is there any indication that this will happen.

Stevanović said that there are also new potential investors interested in Serbia in various fields. He says that the development of economic conditions also depends on the events in Ukraine, and that it is necessary to be careful and not to make unrealistic promises.
“I expect everything to be fine. No investor has yet made a decision to stop their investments, no project or contract has yet been terminated, nor are there any indications that such a thing will happen,” he told Tanjug.
When it comes to investments as a generator of the growth of the Serbian economy, he says that he should be satisfied that new potential investors have ideas to invest in a wide range of activities.
“They are planning investments from agriculture and processing industry, to automobile and metal industry, textile and leather industry. Good things are happening”, he said.
Stevanović pointed out that despite the complex international circumstances due to which economic problems are spilling over to Serbia, the budget funds planned to support investments will be slightly higher.
“We communicate with investors quarterly, which is necessary, in order to know in what percentage the ministry can expect budget realization at the end of the year. Based on feedback from investors, we believe that the percentage of budget realization will be very high in this section of the Ministry of Economy”, he said.
Stevanović reminded that funds for investment support are planned through the budget and must be implemented in the next year. He also pointed out that economic development councils, which are in charge of supporting investments, meet on a weekly basis.
“All the projects and investments of domestic and foreign investors that need to be implemented are going according to plan”, concluded Stevanović.