No more expensive bread and flour in the next 60 days

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Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimović stated that there is everything on store shelves and that there are no fears in Serbia, as in some other countries, where there are problems with flour, milk and sunflower oil.

Nedimović told RTS that the state intervened and helped the mill and bakery sector with cheaper wheat from commodity reserves and thus compensated for any losses they may have, reports Tanjug.

He points out that he still thinks that it was a good decision to ban exports for 45 days. “There is chaos on the world grain market and we needed to balance our situation, to save Serbia, to have enough resources. Imagine a situation where Serbia exported all the wheat and flour it has in three days. What would be left for Serbia, what would we have “, emphasizes Nedimović.

He points out that in the next 60 days, bread, flour type 400 and flour type 500 in kilo and five kilo kilos will certainly not become more expensive. “There is every chance that there will be a complete circus on the world grain market due to the conflict in Ukraine,” Nedimovic said.

The Minister also stated that Serbia currently has a surplus of 170,000 tons of flour. “If we start from the fact that Serbia exports mainly 10 to 12,000 tons of flour, that is 15 months of free export. Don’t forget that we have a million tons of wheat in stock that can be easily ground in our mills “, says Nedimović.

He pointed out that he expects over 3,400,000 tons of wheat from the next harvest, which is one of the better yields per hectare, Politika reports.