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Port of Bar could connect Serbian and Montenegrin economy - Serbia Business

Port of Bar could connect Serbian and Montenegrin economy

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Port of Bar is a good chance to expand cooperation between the Montenegrin economy and the economy of Serbia, as well as Kragujevac, from which cars have been exported through this port for seven decades, it was said at the premiere of the documentary film „Safe Port“.

Now there is a new chance, that when part of the railway from Sobovica to Kragujevac is built, Kragujevac will be connected to the Belgrade-Bar railway, and also to the Port of Bar – TV Jadran journalist from Montenegro Ljiljana Veljković told Betty, who is the author the script of the film.

This, she added, will make it possible to export finished wagons, trains and trams produced in the Siemens factory there from the MIND Park in Kragujevac through the Port of Bar. Now trams are only shipped in parts by trucks, which makes production and transportation more expensive, Veljković said.

The ”orm”r director of the Zastava car factory in Kragujevac, Branimir Soldatović, recalled that about 160,000 Zastava cars were exported to America through the Port of Bar, as well as about 90,000 “128” vehicles in disassembled condition to Egypt. He added that Fiat also continued to use car transport through Port Bar.

The owner of TV Jadran and the director of the film “Safe harbor” Boris Đurašević said that in the last year Luka Bar has gone through various transitions, that several directors and management have changed, and that new investors have arrived.

He stated that the Montenegrin media is saying that the Government of Montenegro will buy Luka Bar by the end of this month.

The interlocutors in the film “Safe Port” talked about the history of the construction and work of the Port of Bar, and the perspective for its development and wider opening for cooperation with the economy of Serbia and the region was presented.


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