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Ports are of great importance for Serbia, where will be the new one in Belgrade? - Serbia Business

Ports are of great importance for Serbia, where will be the new one in Belgrade?

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There are 11 cargo ports and eight international passenger ports on waterways in Serbia. The plan is to open three more piers for river boats and the first announced marina by the next season

More than 95 percent of document processing through port systems has been digitized, and at the session of the General Assembly of the European Federation of River Ports (EFIP), in Vienna, Belgrade, i.e. The Serbian Port Management Agency will apply for the organization of the next meeting of this organization, it was announced after the official conference held recently on the occasion of the Agency’s 10 years of operation.

Inland water transport links with Europe

Inland water traffic in Serbia is of great importance for connecting with the Western Balkans and Europe.

In 2022, 15.3 million tons of transshipped cargo were recorded, which is 600,000 tons less than in 2021 and represents a decrease of 3.5 percent. The reason for the decrease in transshipped quantities is the global geopolitical situation, it is written on the website of the Port Management Agency.

The most frequently handled types of cargo are gravel, sand and stone aggregates; they make up 33.9 percent of transshipments. Coal is in second place with a share of 16.5 percent, while oil and oil derivatives are in third place, with 15.9 percent.

Ores take part in the total handling with 9.6 percent. The biggest drop was in cereals, which were handled 1.2 million tons less than in 2021.

Cruising industry recovery

In the area of ​​nautical tourism, data from 2022 indicate the recovery of the cruising industry. Last year, the agency recorded 1,419 arrivals and 135,251 passengers at international passenger ports in Serbia.

The most landings were made in Belgrade – 551, followed by Novi Sad – 370. Donji Milanovac received 264 landings, Golubac 211.

Location of the new port of Belgrade

The current Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, said on that occasion that the processes for the reconstruction of two ports on the Danube – Bogojevo and Prahovo, which are expected in the coming period, are in the final phase, as well as the reconstruction of the port on the Sava River in Sremska Mitrovica.

According to him, work will be done on a public-private partnership for the construction of the new Port of Belgrade. A new location has been determined on the left bank of the Danube, upstream from Pupin’s bridge.


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