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Privatization of Bambi-Banat under consideration

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Bambi-Banat CEO Miroslav Miletic said that the sale of that confectioner was under consideration.

– Bambi-Banat is about to lose the current owner and start implementing the strategic idea of becoming a part of a bigger group – he said in an interview for Beta agency.

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Miletic stated that Bambi-Banat comprised four factories – two biscuit production plants in Pozarevac and two factories of chocolate, chocolate-coated and other cocoa products in Vrsac.

– Bambi-Banat successfully entered the restructuring process in 2005, when it was taken over by investment funds run by Salford – he pointed out and added that the modernized production and increased productivity and efficiency were focused on the primary confectionery business.

– Bambi-Banat now strives for higher forms of strategic partnership, toward multinational companies, but usual operations will continue until then – he said and added that investments would be made in the rationalization of operations, automation, improvement of the production and development of new products.

Miletic stated that Bambi-Banat had increased the sales by 21% during the first nine months of 2010 and sold the products worth RSD 1 billion more than in the same period in 2009.

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According to his words, chocolate and chocolate-coated products contributed to that growth with 50%, while the biscuit sales were 21% larger, so that Bambi Banat has kept the leading position in Serbian market and also increased the export by 20%.

– Good results have also been achieved in the markets of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, where Bambi-Banat is among top three confectioners – Miletic pointed out.

He voiced an expectation that year 2010 would be one of the most successful years for Bambi-Banat, but he also emphasized that the level of success would depend on possible new increases in the prices of raw materials.

– Our plan is to continue the strong growth strategy in 2011, especially in the region – said Miletic.

He stated that the company would keep selling two thirds of products in the domestic market and exporting the rest.

– Bambi-Banat has managed to conquer the market of Romania, as well as to make the first contacts with the markets of Bulgaria and some of the countries of former Soviet Union – said Miletic.

He also added that they did not expect the Croatian Atlantic Group’s acquisition of Droga Kolinska, a member of which was Belgrade-based Stark, to affect the operations of Bambi-Banat and they did not consider themselves endangered by that takeover.

– That acquisition may lead to a positive growth of competition in the market – Bambi-Banat CEO Miroslav Miletic assessed.


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