Protest of businessmen in front of the Government of Serbia

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Hundreds of entrepreneurs and businessmen are protesting today in front of the Serbian Government building in order to warn government officials that they will ask the new government to stop subsidizing foreign investors as soon as possible, with Serbian citizens’ money from the budget and redirecting it to agriculture.

Among the demands are to reduce levies on the amount of salary needed for the costs of the average consumer basket.

Businessmen also demanded that discrimination against mothers of entrepreneurs be stopped and that “harmful” laws be repealed – the Law on Fiscalization, the Law on Electronic Invoices and the Law on Archiving.

The request of businessmen is also to process faster those who caused damage to the budget of Serbia, and to optimize the public administration.

One of the demands is to reform the Tax Administration in order not to repeat cases like the one they stated, to accuse the businessman, whose son died, of reducing the number of employees.

The protest was organized by the Association of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Serbia and the TAS Initiative (Tourist Agency of Serbia).

The representative of the TAS Initiative, Dragan Subotic, told Beta that the association will file criminal charges against Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, who did nothing to punish those responsible for not implementing the Decree on Liquidity Loans from the Development Fund.

“Those loans were intended for liquidity and a small number of travel agencies received them, and after two years recently, those who submitted the request also received those loans, but with a long delay,” said Subotic, Beta reported.

He added that he would file a lawsuit against the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic, who “ignored” that problem and did nothing to help the most endangered sector in which travel agencies are in a timely manner.

He added that the reason for the lawsuits was the fact that the decree on the distribution of state aid was not implemented, which foresaw that local self-governments would also participate in that aid, and many were not like the City of Belgrade.

He said that the loan from the banks under the second guarantee scheme, as promised by the Government of Serbia, was not received by any travel agency, which is why many will go bankrupt, and that dozens of intermediaries in the sale of travel arrangements have already been extinguished, Politika reports.

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