Public procurement, construction of the water treatment plant in Zrenjanin

, Offers



23000 Zrenjanin, Petefijeva 3



for the submission of tenders

Type of Procedure: Open procedure (public procurement reference 15/2011).

The objective of public procurement is a construction of the water treatment plant in Zrenjanin

Public procurement objective includes construction ( design and execution of works ), finance and management of the water treatment plant in Zrenjanin, capacity 300l/s. Public procurement will be financed by the credit of the contractor.

All interested tenderers that fulfill the conditions for the participation in the public procurement procedure in accordance with Article 44 of the Public Procurement Law, shall have the right to participate. Specific qualification requirements are closely defined by the qualification documentation. A tenderer can prove the fulfillment of the conditions referred to in Article 44 of the Public Procurement Law by the documents referred to in Article 45 of the Public Procurement Law, in accordance with the requirements in the Tender Documentation and public invitation.

Election criteria for the most favorable tender is the most economically favorable tender.

All interested tenderers, with previously appointment made with the contact person, will be able to inspect the Tender Documentation on any working day from 10am until 2pm in the premises of the Public Water Utility Vodovod i kanalizacija Zrenjanin, Petefijeva 3. The Documentation will be available for inspection until the closing date for the submission of tenders.

For obtaining the Tender Documentation a non-refundable payment of RSD10.000,00 for the costs of copying the Tender Documentation, must be made on the Public Water Utility Vodovod i kanalizacija Zrenjanin account no. 205-98998-11, reference number 15/2011 with the title Payment of Tender Documentation for the water treatment plant construction in Zrenjanin .

Tender Documentation can be obtained personally with the proof of non-refundable payment and submission of authorization for the person obtaining the Tender Documentation. Delivery expenses will bear the interested tenderer.

The Tenders are prepared and delivered in accordance with the instructions given in Tender Documentation. Along with other documents the tenderer is obligated to submit the original irrevocable, unconditional tender guarantee payable at first call without protest in the amount of RSD 20.000.000,00 with the validity period of at least 90 days from the tender opening date.

Variant tenders shall not be accepted. Tenderer can submit only one tender (regardless if the tenderer is an individual or a member of consortium).

Tenders with related documentation shall be delivered personally or by mail addressed to Public Water Utility Vodovod i kanalizacija , Petefijeva 3, Zrenjanin in a closed and sealed envelope marked Public Procurement for the water treatment plant construction no. JN 15/2011 – Tender – do not open.

The tenderer shall indicate it’s name, address and the telephone number at the back of the envelope.

Closing date for the tender submission is 45 days since the public invitation publishing in Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia until 11am of the last day of submission day. In case the last submission day is a non-working day, the last submission day will be the next working day until 11am.

The Tender shall be considered well-timed only if it is delivered to the registry of the Procuring Entity’s address, regardless of the manner of delivery, until the deadline indicated in the previous paragraph.

Public opening of well-timed tenders shall be performed on the same day after the expiration of tender submission at 12pm in the premises of Public Water Utility Vodovod i kanalizacija , Petefijeva 3, Zrenjanin.

The representatives of the tenderers shall submit authorizations for representation to the Public Procurement Committee.

The provisional period in which the Procuring Entity shall make the decision in connection with the relevant Public Procurement shall be 30 days from the day of the public opening of tenders.

Procuring Entity retains the right to give up Public Procurement, without the right of the tendered to expenses refund.

Contact person for additional information regarding the public invitation: Bernat Takarich, 064 811 6002. 44003