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Rising prices for charter transportation due to the war in Ukraine

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The Ukrainian crisis has led to a decline in interest in travel in Serbia. The director of YUTA, Aleksandar Seničić, points out that, on the other hand, it is good that the measures introduced by the countries due to the coronavirus are being abolished.

“It encourages the decline of ‘barriers’, ie restrictive measures that have significantly affected the choice of destinations for our passengers, but at the same time there has been a decline in interest in early bookings due to the crisis in Ukraine,” Senicic was quoted as saying by RTV.

Senicic emphasizes that the conditions for entering the country should be inquired about before the trip, because certain measures are still in force in many countries.

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He reminds that the two countries to which Serbian citizens can travel without a Covid-19 passport are Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary. Senicic mentioned Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Budapest and Sarajevo as currently interesting destinations that Serbs have been looking for lately.

“Charter flights for destinations have been introduced in Spain, and European cities such as Vienna and Prague have started appearing in the tourist offer of domestic agencies, and allegedly Berlin will soon be available,” says Senicic.

According to him, due to the situation in Ukraine, one should expect an increase in the price of charter transportation.

Senicic does not expect a drastic increase in prices when it comes to travel and predicts a slight increase of twenty or 30 euros per ticket.

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“If there is a drastic increase, those who have already paid for the trip will be able to cancel the trip, because the traveler must agree to the changes,” said Senicic.

As he said, the abolition of various excises when it comes to Serbia has been announced, but it remains to be seen how this will affect prices, Biznis writes.

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