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River potential is not sufficiently utilized

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Serbia has so far raised only 31 mini-hydropower plants and river potential is not sufficiently utilized, emphasized today the participants of the conference mini power plants a great chance for Serbia, held in Ivanjica.

As stated in the announcement, the rivers in Serbia there are 856 surveyed locations where they could be built mini hydro power to 10 megawatts.

The event was organized by Central European Forum for Development (CEDEF).

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Total hydropower potential of Serbian rivers, including space for large power plants, estimated at 17 billion kilowatthours per year, of which the Serbian Electricity used only about 60 percent.

President of the Board CEDEF and Joan Arsic Karišić pointed out that there is still misunderstanding and fear that the construction of mini power plants on rivers negative impact on the biosphere, but that these concerns are not justified.

Deputy Director General EPS Manasijević Zoran said that EPS is planning to build a new hydropower plant and to invest in the modernization of existing ones.

The conference was attended by over 200 experts, companies, representatives of ministries, agencies and local governments.

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